IT operations and log management for total infrastructure awareness




Centralise Your Data

Easily centralise data from across your infrastructure in one secure location.


Search and Ask

Search logs and ask questions of your endpoints for immediate results.


Find Answers

Find answers with the relevant context that enables you to solve problems fast.


Your operations centre for endpoint visibility and infrastructure analytics.

InsightOps combines live endpoint visibility with log analytics, creating one console for total infrastructure awareness.


Live Endpoint Visibility

See every endpoint on your network within seconds. Get up-to-the-minute visibility into each endpoint’s status, location, resource utilisation, and more.

  • See all applications, processes, and services running on your network, with visibility into each endpoint.
  •  Stop network outages by quickly finding endpoints responsible for the most network traffic.
  •  Answer help desks tickets faster with a powerfully simple search engine for your entire infrastructure.
  •  Identify logged-in users across every endpoint with real-time accuracy.

Asset Management

Find which employees are running unapproved software. Identify servers running out-of-compliance operating systems. Ask live questions of your endpoints and receive immediate answers with Endpoint Interrogator.

  • Improve your asset management by identifying unused and unapproved software on user workstations.
  • Catch vulnerabilities across your network by easily identifying machines running unapproved or vulnerable software. 
  • Support your capacity planning efforts by accurately identifying and troubleshooting endpoints with the greatest resource utilisation. 
  • Strengthen your user permissions management with real-time visibility into Active Directory and LDAP.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Preventing downtime is fundamental to keeping your infrastructure resilient. With Liveboards and real-time alerts, InsightOps gives you the visibility needed to ensure uptime.

  • Monitor system metrics and resource utilisation like CPU, Memory, Disk I/O and more.
  • Practice application performance monitoring using a variety of open-source code libraries.
  • Manage auto-scaling cloud deployments through integrations with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Monitor user behaviour as users interacts with your applications.

Log Centralisation and Analysis

Collect and store live log data from servers, applications, firewalls, routers, Active Directory, and more. Centralise your infrastructure data securely and in real-time to identify issues and monitor changes more easily.

  • Get control over your log management with an easy-to-use approach to centralising your log data. 
  • Monitor trends in your log data with both out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards and data visualisations.
  • Get a handle on error tracking with custom tags and alerts.

Maintaining Compliance

Maintain corporate and regulatory compliances with secure log centralisation, monitoring, and reporting.

  • Centralised logs from across your entire infrastructure into one secure location.
  • Schedule regular reports for management and auditors.
  • Find out-of-compliance software.
  • Set real-time alerts for suspicious or anomalous activity in your logs.