Lieberman Software’s enterprise Privileged Identity Management products are proven, cross-platform solutions that automatically discover, change, and restrict access to local, domain, and process account passwords in the enterprise. These products ensure only authorised IT staff gets time-limited administrative access to your IT assets with full auditing.

Enterprise Random Password Manager

ERPM secures privileged identities throughout your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Super-user login accounts utilised by individuals to change configuration settings, run programs and perform other IT administrative duties.
  • Service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run.
  • Application-to-application passwords used by web services, line-of-business applications and custom software to connect to databases, middleware and more.


Random Password Manager

Random Password Manager secures the privileged accounts found throughout your IT infrastructure, including superuser logins used to change configuration settings and install and run programs.

This privilege management product changes each account's password to a unique and complex value and grants fast, audited access for authorised IT staff.