Lieberman Software gives IT Administrators the critical tools they need to mass manage Windows servers and desktops. Lieberman Software's Mass Management Interface allows you to perform an operation across a thousand machines as easily as against one machine. From controlling registry settings to providing audit reports, these tools simplify the management of Windows operating environments en masse.


User Manager Pro Suite is a powerful security management tool that allows IT administrators to report on and make global changes to user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings, policies and more, simultaneously across the servers and workstations in the Windows network.
Service Account Manager lets you access, modify and report on Windows service properties concurrently on all systems in the network, and allows you to quickly update service account credentials.
Account Reset Console is a self-service Windows Password Reset tool for end-users and the Help Desk. It solves one of the most common problems encountered by IT groups managing large Windows enterprises — users losing access to systems because of forgotten or expired passwords.
Task Scheduler Pro lets you seamlessly add, remove and modify scheduled Windows tasks en masse. 
COM+ Manager allows systems administrators to view and manage all of the identity information on all of their COM objects from a single display, leading to the most efficient use of IT resources and making mass management of component identities practical.  
Server-to-Server Password Synchroniser provides cross-platform password synchronisation, ensuring that when a password is changed in one domain the change is automatically replicated throughout the enterprise, preventing users from losing access to critical systems.
Intensive Care Utilities helps you take control of your Windows domains and servers and protect your enterprise from the downtime and data loss caused by Windows system failures.