Application assessment for the modern world.


While today's malicious attackers pursue a variety of goals, they share a preferred channel of attack - the millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applications companies deploy to serve their customers. AppSpider dynamically scans these applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, provides tools that speed remediation and monitors applications for changes.



Know Your Weak Points

You can't find what you can't see. Only AppSpider gives you full automated coverage throughout all corners of your application ecosystem to identify web application vulnerabilities. It does this with its sophisticated crawling technology and Universal Translator, which is capable of interpreting the new technologies being used in today's web and mobile applications, including REST API’s and micro services (AJAX, GWT, REST, JSON, etc.).

Prioritise What Matters Most

AppSpider includes interactive, actionable reports that prioritise the highest risk and streamline remediation efforts by enabling users to quickly get to and analyse the data that matters most. With one click, you can drill deep into a vulnerability to get more information and replay attacks in real-time.

Improve Your Position

Attackers don't wait until you remediate your vulnerabilities. AppSpider's unique virtual patching capabilities allow you to automatically create targeted patches that address web application vulnerabilities specific vulnerabilities without negatively impacting your business critical application the way that broad facing rules do. AppSpider provides sophisticated threat and compliance reports and trend analysis that enable you to take a long range view and pursue vulnerability remediation at the source.